About us

Placing the defense of your own interests in somebody else’s hands demands a great deal of trust. We, Queiroz Cavalcanti Advocacia’s members, are fully aware of the challenging task of taking on the most important matters for our clients. Our credibility, achieved during 19 years of history based on technical skills and ethical behavior, is reaffirmed by a wide and growing practice in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil, in addition to a national and international coverage attained through strategic partnerships. All, without giving up on the knowledge of the local activities and entrepreneurial culture of the market in which we are located, being proudly from Recife.

The strategy that sustains our purpose is to keep alive, strong, and present a very clear culture. This is what allows us to have an aligned and inspired team that has its proper manner of being and doing everything. We make our own the clients' needs, we act closely, understanding the peculiarities of each demand. We support the continuous development of our team. Our management system makes it possible to keep the quality pattern of our services without losing the necessary focus of each demand, be it ordinary or extraordinary. We work to solve problems and reassure people. We are part of the solution.